Just beat them in the game.

So the tour of plunking Astros hitters began in Spring Training. I’m not sure if pitchers are getting it out of their system now since they know they will be punished for doing it during the season or they felt it should start now. Either way, I’m not a fan of it. Someone can get injured from this and yes, I know, the Astros cheated and since MLB didn’t strip the title and punish the players, the players have to police each other. It still doesn’t mean they can’t get injured.

Is it worth putting these guys on base because you are pissed that they cheated their way to win a World Series title? Is it worth possibly injuring those guys? Is it worth the suspension pitchers will get because the Astros hitters were not punished?


Believe me, I dislike the Astros but we have to look at the reality. The pitchers will just end up looking like the bad guys and the Astros will take advantage of the free base runner(s) they get. It will also give the umpires a sense of power because they have to make the judgement call on whether it was intentional or not. We know how much fans love Joe West and Angel Hernandez. Do we really want them to have that type of attention/power beyond their horrible calls? Baker will most likely argue when guys like Altuve and Bregman get hit even if it is not intentional. The Astros will try to make themselves look like the victims if pitchers go through with hitting them. They will continue to play the underdog card, which isn’t theirs to play, because people want them to lose even though we all know they will most likely take the West division. They know they are one of the most hated teams right now. The opposing teams have to be better and smarter than them.

I think the best way to get revenge on that team is by getting outs and winning games. Show emotion on the field when pitchers get out of jams against them. The fans will certainly remind the Astros that they are cheaters. What will the Astros do? Start a brawl because they are frustrated from trying too hard to silence everyone? They are not stupid. If teams are able to beat the Astros and they have no choice but to watch 10 teams play for an untainted World Series title from their couches at home, that will be the sweetest revenge.

Image by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos

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