Kelly vs Astros

Photo via @realnedcolletti

Did we expect anything less than what happened last night against the Dodgers and Astros?

The Dodgers and Astros faced each other for the first time since MLB “punished” the Astros for their use of electronics to steal signs in real time. Baseball fans that hate the Astros watched with curiosity on what could happen. Innings passed, the Astros were leading, the Dodgers responded with 5 runs in the 5th inning to take the lead, and then Joe Kelly took the mound.

In case you forgot, Kelly was with the 2017 Red Sox that lost to the Astros in the ALDS. We all know that the Astros cheated their way to a championship and you may be thinking “well, the Red Sox were caught cheating in 2017 as well”. Yes they were but the Red Sox stopped after Manfred notified all 30 clubs about the use of electronics to steal signs. The Astros continued to use live feed and banging on the trash can through the entire playoffs. The Red Sox got the Astros back in the 2018 ALCS by making them look horrible. So you may think that Kelly got his revenge right? He may have but he also isn’t going to not back up his teammates. The Astros cheating affected every team they faced in 2017. Not just the Dodgers.

We all are aware of the old school way of baseball where if you do something, you will get plunked for it. I don’t agree with head hunting. You can seriously injure someone. Kelly threw pitches over the head of Bregman and Correa. You can’t even argue that his pitches were already all over the place in that inning because we all knew that if one pitcher was going to do something, it would be Kelly. Bregman walked and went to first. Brantley hit into a force out that had Kelly covering first and someone from the Astros yelling “just get on the mound little f**ker”. After Gurriel walked, Correa had a pitch over his head that thankfully didn’t hit him. He ended up striking out and as Kelly was walking off the mound, he made facial expressions towards Correa, instantly became a meme, and later we find out from Astros manager, Dusty Baker, that Kelly yelled “Nice swing bitch”. Supposedly saying that set the Astros off. Correa then shouted back at Kelly and benches cleared but due to social distancing protocols, nothing much happened beyond yelling. Both sides were warned and baseball resumed. MLB needs to work on making sure players understand brawls are not to happen during this pandemic.

Was the brawl enjoyable? Yes.

Should have it involved balls thrown around heads? No. You don’t flirt with hitting someone in the head. Thankfully, none of the pitches hit Bregman or Correa.

I do find it funny that the Astros got riled up with what Kelly said as if no pitcher has ever shouted anything similar or worse towards a hitter after getting the out. The chances of hearing the pitcher probably wasn’t has high in normal times since there are usually fans screaming but there was still a good chance you heard him. CC Sabathia was known for this and hitters just learned to ignore him.

Kelly and manager, Dave Roberts, have been suspended for the incident. Roberts will serve his one game suspension tonight while Kelly is appealing the 8 game suspension. Astros Manager, Baker, received a fine for his involvement.

Tonight’s game should be interesting.

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